Hopeless romantic

I want hopelessly romantic love. I want someone to think I'm perfect. I want to be someone's everything and anything. I want to wake up in the morning and smell an amazing breakfast being cooked just for me. I want to be told stupid jokes to make me smile. I want someone to love me like Noah loved Allie, eternally, until the end. I want to be stared at because they think I'm beautiful. I want someone to love my flaws above everything else. I want to be held in someone's arms with so much strength it'll be hard for me to move. I want someone to hold me when I have nightmares. I want someone to laugh when I get a cappuccino mustache. I want to have long walks on the beach, even if its cold. I want to be surprised with flowers on a bad day. I want someone to cheer me up with stupid faces. I want a best friend, above all things. I want to cook dinner for them after a long day. I want to wear their hoodies and sweaters. I want to share the good and the bad moments. I want someone who I can laugh and be weird with. I want love. But not this modern type of love... I want to be picked up for a first date, I want him to walk me home and kiss me in front of the house. I want him to apologize with flowers when we argue. I want to cook him breakfast. I want to be hugged from behind. I want to make love, not sex. I want romance, goofiness and most of all...I want love. But the true kind, the ones people write stories about. The kind of love everyone wants, but not everyone gets.

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