i don't care

i'm not how you see me, i just don't put enough effort on me, i don't.. it's just.. you don't know how it hurts, when you say that the t-shirt i'm wearing doesn't look good on me. you don't know how bad i feel when you look at me with judging eyes while i'm eating the desert. you know what? i just don't care about you anymore. you've disappointed me in the hardest way and now you judge me? fuck you! i've lost all the respect i still had for you.

3 comentários:

andreia. disse...

já segues querýda, e não tens de quê.
amo mesmo os teus textos <3

andreia. disse...

acério. e mais uma vez NÃO TENS DE QUÊ *--*

Mafalda disse...

Esta lindo:O