things we do, things we hate, STUFF

- when i see "Friend is typing.." i stop typing
- i hate when i'm drinking, and the ice just attacks my face
- a rejected high five is one of the biggest insults there is
- lying in bed thinking if it's worth it to get up and go pee
- sometimes, when i'm walking, i try to keep my feet in the little square tiles
- when someone takes the piece of food that i have mentally claimed
- i can never find anything after i clean my room
- laughing while telling a funny story to my friends, but they just stand there with blank faces thinking "wtf?!"
- wasting a cute outfit on what i think is going to be a good night
- hearing my voice on a video and asking myself if that's really how i sound
- having a random spaz-attack in bed while having a dream that i'm falling
- catching something in mi-air and feeling like a ninja
- having a melody stuck in my head all day, not being able to figure out what song is
- when there's no more toilet paper
- bitchy friends
- listen a music i really like on repeat for hours and then getting sick of it
- respond someone and only after it realize they weren't talking to me
- when dogs bark a lot
- when i see " that party rulled " on someone status but in fact it was just a piece of shit
- justin bieber
- when you send someone a really long text and they just aswer "ok", "yeah" or "LOL"
- when people lie saying they can't go out because they have to study but in fact, they just don't want to go

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