« i know you »


have you ever been angry or sad, to the point where you just break down at home, in your room? away from everybody, from everything? your parents don't know because you keep the tears for yourself, and you cry silently. your friends don't know because you talk as if you're fine and happy behind the computer screen. well, you're not fine and happy, and you know it. no one really knows how you feel, and they have their own lives to deal with, so you don't bother telling them, you bottle it up, and store it with the other problems or troubles. if you are a blogger, everything becomes better, if you just write it down, but than, there's always a damn person that asks you who or what are you talking about. because you're so full of shits you end telling that person everything, it doesn't matter who it is. later, you do the same. bottle up your problem, write it down, the same person asks you the same questions, you answer, and it becomes a habit. passed some time, that thing still happends, that's how you know that somebody truly cares about you. saying that it's nothing wrong with you but then earing "yes it is, i know it. i know you". now, ask yourself: who really knows you ?

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