luv u

I don't wanna make the same mistakes that you did. I don't wanna end this new story with the same old broken heart. I wanna end this story with my heart intact. Just ful of happiness and love. I wanna wake up in the morning and feel that i'm really happy. That it's true. That it's more than just a dream. So, hold me. And please, tell me that everything's gonna be okay. That what i'm living now it's just a nightmare. And stay with me tonight. Lie down beside me and watch me fall asleep, caressing my face and think about everything you did. In all the things that this cute little eyes have seen you do, what my ears have heard you say, in what my mouth have told you and what my heart has felt .. what my heart feels now. Please do not despise my feelings. Look at me and try. Please try. Try to remember every moment, laughter, worries. Everything. All that we live together. Please try. And don't forget them. Never. Remember that regardless of all I love you. More than words can say. More than I can express. I love you, and i need you. More than the moon needs the sun to shine. More than the fishes need the water to live. More than anything else. I love you.

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